Racist graffiti left in three Norman locations

Three locations in Norman were hit by vandals Tuesday night who spray painted racist graffiti. The Cleveland Country Democratic Headquarters on Gray Street, the Firehouse Art Center and Mckinley Elementary School.

At all three places someone were spray painted with racial slurs and symbols and left anti-semitic messages, all discovered early this morning. Norman police took reports at all locations.

Cleveland County Democratic Headquarters

Norman citizens are in shock by the damage at Lions Park to a statue of a human head. Swastikas were painted over the eyes and anti-semitic and racial slurs were spray painted in the parking lot.

The Firehouse Art Center released a statement saying these acts unite the Norman community, not divide it. They also said they will continue to offer art education and experiences and they’ll focus on the health and well-being of the community.

Just blocks away, Mckinley Elementary was the third location vandalized Tuesday night. The hateful graffiti at the school included sexually insensitive comments and more racial slurs.

A statement by the Norman Schools Superintendent said these acts are in direct opposition of their core values. Parents also expressed their shock.

“I am appalled,” said Mckinely Elementary parent Kristina Wyckoff. “I feel like our community, the Mckinley community is very inclusive, safe place, and that’s why I think we were targeted.

In reaction to the vandalism, Norman Mayor Elect Breea Clark is hosting a community rally at Lions Park Wednesday night at 6 p.m. for Norman residents to come together in support of each other. 


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