Vandalism at Headquarters of Oklahoma Democratic Party

Today officials discovered the building was vandalized with racist and anti-Semitic graffiti. It’s now being investigated as a hate crime.

The building on Classen Boulevard is quiet now. An onlooker wouldn’t think much of the cleaning equipment, the laughs, the hugs.

From a distance they could probably notice this sign. It would take closer look to find out why.

“I woke up this morning to the news that the Oklahoma Democratic Party here in Oklahoma City has been vandalized with racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-woman graffiti, transphobic messages here today,” says Allie Shinn, Executive Director of Freedom Oklahoma. “Essentially what’s happened is that some group of people wants to spread the message that Oklahoma is for white men and no one else. And they have done so in an incredibly traumatic and violent way.”

People like the Reverend T. Shari Dickerson, who identifies as gender fluid, queer, and black are fighting for more acceptance and unity.

“To have friends who are part of the Jewish community, the LGBTQIA community…. it’s disheartening. I want them to know that we’re going to continue to stand together in unity,” says Dickerson.

Some Republicans came to the building to express their support for their colleagues.
Governor Stitt tweeted that the language used was abhorrent.

“While we really appreciate what the governor has said that this does not represent Oklahoma, the sad fact is that it too often does represent Oklahoma,” says Shinn.

The paint is nearly completely washed away, but the threat and the hate remain.

The former Democratic Party building was also tagged with similar graffiti, says the State President of Young Democrats.

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