Former Teacher’s Aid Comes Forward about Sexual Assault Allegations Against David Boren

A former OU teacher’s aid has come forward to tell his story. Teacher aid Jess Eddy alleges Boren made sexual advances towards him beginning when he was 21-years-old in an article by NonDoc.

Between 2010 and 2012, Eddy says Boren touched him sexually on several occasions. OU Nightly has reached out to a close friend of Eddy’s during the time of one of the events. He did confirm it is the same story Eddy told him when it took place.

These allegations come just a month after OU hired the Jones-Day Law Firm to look into counts of misconduct by the former university president. The law firm has also interviewed Eddy.

OU released this statement last night which says in part, “While individuals may share their own personal accounting, it is critical that the university proceed deliberately, objectively, and with respect for all the individuals involved.”

OU Nightly also reached out to Boren’s attorney, Bob Burke, and he sent a statement acknowledging Eddy’s claims, but denying any wrong-doing by Boren… saying the inquiry by Jones-Day was based on nothing but rumors.

We will continue to follow this developing story, stay tuned to OU Nightly for updates.

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