OU classes not canceled despite accidents in parking garages

The Asp parking garaged is closed Wednesday for the first time, ever. In the past, the top level and sometimes the one below have been closed but never the entire garage.

OU Nightly reporter Tori Johnson spoke with the director of OU Parking earlier today. “What we did not anticipate is, which has never happened before – a lot of us have talked this morning and this hasn’t happened before, the way the north wind was blowing it was really light and freezing drizzle it actually blew it into the lower levels of the garage. So about 10-15 inside the garage at the north end of the asp garage only – became solid ice.”

The lot was not closed before accidents happened. The slick surfaces caused some problems including one student running into one of the walls of the garage. “I came over here to park and they wouldn’t let us in the parking garage. So I eventually found parking at the duck pond. But there were a ton of accident. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t cancel class if it was this dangerous to be getting here.”

Tori Johnson reached out to OU Public Affairs office asking the reasoning behind not closing campus today and they did not respond. The parking director also shared that the garage is not expected to be open tomorrow.

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