Barn Fire in Little Axe

A farmer is picking up the rubble today after a fire yesterday that completely destroyed everything.

Yesterday afternoon, a local fire department was dispatched to a house fire, but stumbled upon a second one when they saw smoke in the distance.

“Little Axe was dispatched to a separate report of a house fire in the 16000 block of Hall Road,” says Lieutenant Joshua Reaves of Little Axe Fire Department. “While we were responding to that fire we actually identified the second fire located in the 15500 block of East Indian Hills.”

Roughly a mile between the two fires, Little Axe responded quickly sending all units to the second fire, where upon arrival they found a large barn up in flames. At that point they requested additional aide from Oklahoma City, Norman, and Cedar County fire departments. Norman police blocked off East Indian Hills for about three hours while crews continued to work.

“After investigation there were several items in there that could have started the fire, the building was locked up at the time of the fire,” says Reaves. “No cause could be positively identified”

There was no livestock or injuries reported with this fire. But for this barn, it’s a complete loss. There has been no cost estimate released for the damages sustained in this fire.

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