FaceTime Glitch Causes Privacy Concerns

Apple users are concerned about their privacy after experiencing a major bug in the video chatting service FaceTime. reported a flaw in the newly released iOS 12 update that could leave users susceptible to potential eavesdroppers.

Currently, the bug activates when users call someone via FaceTime, swipe up to add another person to the call and then add their own phone number into the group. The person who initiated the call is then able to hear the live audio from the microphone of the other person’s iPhone even though the other person has not accepted the call. In some cases, if the person who declines the call dismisses it by using a volume button, the person calling could then see live video of the other’s phone.

The people who discovered the bug say that they contacted Apple over a week ago, but Apple did nothing to address the issue. The company then released a statement saying a fix has been identified and a new software update will be released later this week.

In the meantime, users can prevent this from happening by going to the settings app, clicking on FaceTime and then un-selecting the FaceTime option.

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