Horns Down Penalty Causes Controversy

Horns down, the essential hand gesture for Sooners won’t be tolerated this weekend, and if the gesture is viewed as an attempt to taunt UT players, then a 15-yard penalty will be issued.

Earlier this season, Texas quarterback, Sam Ehlinger, and the rest of the Longhorns made a big deal on social media about how disrespectful the gesture was and have complained after many games this season.

For the Sooners, this rivalry is bigger than just a game, it’s a rivalry between two entire universities.

In the Texas fight song, a lyric fans sing is “OU sucks”, so it seems fair to question why “horns down” is such a big deal to the conference. Regardless of the 15-yard penalty, it’ll be tough for Sooners to break their favorite habit when they take on the Longhorns Saturday.

OU Nightly reached out across the Red River to ask third generation UT alum, Mike Wortham, his thoughts about the rule.

“I think it’s ridiculous. I think the horns down for y’all and us saying ‘OU still sucks’ it’s just part of the rivalry. It’s part of the fun of Texas/OU.”


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