CBD Cafe Opens on Campus Corner

A study conducted by Remedy Review listed Oklahoma as number one for cannabidoil, or CBD, usage in the United States. The cannabis derivative is best known to help treat pain, anxiety and insomnia.

CBD is most common to come in the form of oils, pills and gummies, but this shop is different. Cannafe infuses CBD into different foods and drinks.

“We wanted to make sure that everybody understands that we’re wanting to add that into the food and drinks that we’re going to take every day. It’s a little bit of a different paradigm than just taking a dose,” says Jim Castor, the owner of Cannafe.

After medical marijuana was legalized in Oklahoma, CBD sales increased.

“In regard to it being more prevalent in today’s society, more information is coming out about it, people are more open to consuming it because they’re aware it doesn’t affect them like THC does psychologically,” says Cannabis Chef Dylan Sanders.

Cannafe’s owner Jim Castor says it provides a relaxing environment for people to come eat, drink and even listen to live music.

Cannafe is open 10am-10pm.

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