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Food and Shelter Gears Up for Thanksgiving

While many Norman residents get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, one shelter in Norman ramps up their activity. Kyle Payne has more on a shelter ready to provide help to whoever they can.

With thanksgiving just a week away, Food and Shelter here in Norman is preparing for a big turnout, but it doesn’t just start on Thanksgiving. It’s an operation they work on every single day. Food and Shelter bases their staff on volunteers and some employees – they cook breakfast and lunch for Norman people in need.

As winter rolls around, the homeless community of Norman has to find a place to get fed and get warm. Food and Shelter has provided just that for more than 30 years and no matter what the situation is… no one gets turned away.

Sunny Hill, director of food service, says, “there are no requirements for receipt of the daily services. We don’t ask anybody any questions. They can just come in the door, if they are hungry they can eat.”

“We plan for 225-250 meals per meal service and we serve two a day so that’s about 500 people who come here to eat,” says Laura Fielder, Food and Shelter employee.

The people entering the doors deal with hardships everyday and Food and Shelter tries to say yes to everything they can.

“We provide that little bit of breathing room for people so they can begin to change their lives. We don’t try to change them… But they can have enough space and enough relief from the constant pressure and constant stress they can begin to think about changing their live,” Hill said.

Because of donations and grants from across Norman, Food and Shelter is able to provide these people the help they desperately need.

“This place and these programs truly are a feather in the cap of the Norman community. It shows people’s commitment to helping everyone have a good life,” Fielder said.

Last year, they served more than 140,000 meals and as that number continues to rise they are always accepting more donations.

Food and Shelter is located on Reed Street just two miles northeast of OU’s campus.

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