Organization Sheltering Those in Need

As winter weather is setting in across the state, a local organization is providing a safe place for those in need.

Food and Shelter for Friends in Norman is an organization that provides food, shelter, clothing and much more for low-income and homeless community members. The organization has served Norman for over 30 years.

Food and Shelter for Friends offers community members tiny homes to stay in, affordable rent housing, and an overnight shelter.

“We have usually more people that come this time of the year, especially on cold nights where we’re packed. Umm so we have the program set up, they can come at eight o’clock at night. On days like today we try to stay open 24 hours a day. So if it’s like below freezing, or it just depends on how cold it is, we try to stay open so they have a place to come, so nobody freezes to death,” Xochit Thompson, the office and property manager for Food and Shelter for Friends.

Now that winter has set in, Thompson says the organization is in need of blankets, coats, food and hygiene products. The shelter is located on Reed Avenue off of Main Street in Norman.

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