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Why Early Voting is a Great Option for People Who are Ready to Cast Their Votes Now

While election day isn’t until Tuesday, Norman voters showed up at Cleveland County Election Board to get their voices heard early.

Early voting kicked off this morning, and Norman residents showed up in full force. For Norman residents, they have two options as to where they can place their ballots. Both the Cleveland County Election Board and the Moore Norman Technology Center.

They are open eight to six today and tomorrow, and nine to two on Saturday. For many early voters, its about convenience, but many people are just ready to cast their ballots.

Even though their tallies don’t show up any faster, they are excited because they are like ‘I’ve done it. Ive made my voice heard because I just voted,'” said Kathy Singer, Assistant Executive Secretary of Cleveland County Election Board.

Based on the elections over the summer, and the high number of ballots sent in through the mail, they are expecting big numbers at the polls this year.

“Were not in the habit of predicting we can just look back at our numbers from the primary and the run off primary, those numbers exceeded all previous years by far,” said Singer.

For people voting early or on Tuesday, be sure to show up as early as possible, with a valid identification and some patience as lines are going to be long wherever you vote.

For more information on where you can vote and what you’ll need, check out the Cleveland County Election Board’s website.

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