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One Building on OU’s Campus is Without Heat, Impacting Classroom Environment

As winter approaches, it’s just as cold in Kaufman hall on OU’s Campus as it is outside. Two years ago renovations apart of a two million dollar project were made outside but the interior was left untouched.

More than 2,000 people are in and out of this building everyday and one of the many issues inside… is not having heat; the boiler system is not hot.

Electric blankets, hand warmers and heating bags are just some ways teachers and faculty are coping with the cold in Kaufman. A professor at OU who teaches in Kaufman says “this is nothing new in the building.”

“It’s no surprise it’s gonna be cold at the end of October. Yet, year after year we don’t have heat. Students find it hard to come in here and work with us because it’s too cold,” says Dana Loy, OU Spanish Professor.

Another staff member told said she has severe asthma and the cold air in the building triggers it, she has even missed work for it.

OU Nightly’s Tori Johnson reached out to OU’s heat and air maintenance team who told her, “they are fixing it.” Faculty says they have gotten the same information but have seen no results.

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