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Drew Edmondson and Kevin Stitt face off in Norman Teacher’s forum

We’re 11 days away from election day, and the race for governor is heating up.
Candidates Drew Edmondson and Kevin Stitt were in Norman recently to take part in a forum held by a Norman teachers group. OU Nightly’s Abby Green breaks down what each candidate had to say.

As the race for governor comes to a close, each candidate is working to capitalize on opportunities to share their policies, they’ve been slugging it out in person.

“My opponent has been running for state government since 1974, if they could have fixed it, they would have already done it,” says Kevin Stitt, Republican gubernatorial candidate.

“We’ve got to start investigating in education, and health, and mental health, and bringing down the prison population and our infrastructure. We’ve got to do all of these things,” says Drew Edmondson, Democrat gubernatorial candidate.

With no U.S. Senate race on this year’s midterm ballot, the Oklahoma governor race is center stage in 2018 and the polls show the race is tight. Candidates are separated only by single digits.

The race is so tight that the national Republican and Democrat governor’s association have poured money into Oklahoma to buy television attack ads. How are Oklahoman’s responding to the torrent of ads and debates? Sooner poll used what is called a dial test that measures how voters react to campaign messages.

The lines show how a focus group made up of Republicans, Democrats and Independents reacted in real time to candidate answers.

Their conclusion:

  • Stitt’s argument that he is a businessman and will run Oklahoma like a business works for republicans but not for democrats and independents.
  • Drew Edmondson’s fix-it approach to Oklahoma’s problems polled much better.

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