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Pride of Oklahoma Participates in Game Other than Football

The Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band takes pride in more than just their music. OU Nightly’s Abby Green has more on how the band is getting to know it’s members.

Football isn’t the only game the pride takes part in the fall, every year in September the band participates in a game called assassins.

“I’m still in the game and so far I’ve killed three people and I think I’ve only known about two of them reasonably well so it’s a good way for people, especially freshman and upperclassmen who don’t know freshman, to get to know each other better,” said Creighton DeKalb, member of the pride.

The game started in 2014 with only seventy participants and has increased over the years.

Players are considered assassinated if they receive a highlighter mark on their neck or wrist. During the first year of the game a player was assassinated during half-time of the TCU game. This inspired the creation of “safe zones” or places where members cannot be killed.

“Both fields that we practice on are safe zones. The times that we rehearse during are safe zones, during class – anytime we’re in uniform is a safe zone. That’s mainly so we don’t get highlighter marks on our uniform, but all these rules have been put in place as the game has evolved,” said DeKalb.

Members are awarded for unique assassinations. Last year the final player was killed at the rose bowl.

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