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Status of State Question 788: Medical Marijuana

State Question 788 passed in June, and since then controversy over every part has been present. Kyle Payne tells us why this has taken so long.

“A lie can only live for so long. Marijuana is obviously not harmful, in fact it’s incredibly beneficial,” said Chad Moody, OKC Drug Lawyer.

When State Question 788 passed, Oklahoman’s seemed excited about getting started in the marijuana business legally, but getting the growth process started has taken more time than expected.

Moody states, “as for how to get the initial crop started, I kind of think it’s occurring with a nod and a wink. A “don’t ask, don’t tell” kind of approach.”

While the process of acquiring and growing the crop is still being discussed, 38 doctors in Oklahoma are ready and able to write prescriptions for recommendation cards. Although dispensaries aren’t selling marijuana just yet, doctors are able to get the eager patients one step closer as Dr. Justin Dockendorf with Ultimate Health Care OKC states.

“We are still kind of early as far as when actual products are going to be available in dispensaries. Basically right here right now in this early stage basically they can apply online, fill out a form, come and see us or another provider. Then we give a complete medical exam and see if they would benefit from medical marijuana,” said Dockendorf.

In Oklahoma, a stigma remains on how beneficial marijuana can be. Ultimate health care in OKC knows almost any ailment can be treated with medical marijuana.

Owner of Ultimate Health Care, Nicole Whitener said, “it’s every age, there’s not a lot of people who can’t benefit – as crazy as that sounds and it’s just awesome because the side effects aren’t there.”

With seemingly no side effects and real help everyday, these 38 doctors want to help their patients feel better and enjoy a higher quality of life.

For a list of all doctors willing to participate, visit the Oklahoma medical marijuana authorities website.

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