OU Food Pantry Faces Off with UT Food Pantry

The Red River Showdown isn’t just taking place on the football field; OU Food Pantry is having their own showdown with UT Food Pantry .

The two organizations are competing to see which pantry can collect the most donations before the big game this weekend. OU Food Pantry is looking for non-perishable food and small toiletry items. This is a different kind of showdown. Not only is OU trying to beat Texas, but it’s also fighting hunger.

On OU’s campus, about forty percent of students face food insecurity.

“I’m totally hoping that we can crush them on the football field and also beat them at the can food drive. It would be great to be able to beat them in two ways,”says Haley Begala, OU Food Pantry student director.

Drop off locations will be scattered all across campus but you can also drop off at the OU Food Pantry. The food pantry showdown ends this Friday.

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