New Liquor Laws Begin in Oklahoma Grocery Stores

Strong, cold beer and wine are now much easier to buy in Oklahoma. Today, October 1st, is the first day grocery stores such as Homeland are able to sell highpoint beer and wine in stores.

Wine bottles were beautifully stacked, strong beer was chilled to the perfect temperature at midnight almost two years after Oklahomans approved the biggest change to liquor laws in decades. Today, grocery and convenience stores in the metro have high point alcohol just like liquor stores.

Homeland manager, Val Schlueter, is ready for the expected rush.

“It’s gonna do great things, the strong beer everyone’s excited about it and everyone’s excited about the wine also to be able to buy wine at the grocery store,” says Schlueter.

Although this means good things for grocery and convenience stores, this new law may put liquor stores in jeopardy.

“I think we’re all taking massive steps to adapt. I’m not sure everywhere is. I think we’re making the steps we need to make to adapt and change to it,” says Zac Allen, Cellar Wine & Spirits general manager.

Grover stores have stocked up on beer and wine long before now in anticipation of the big day. Homeland’s manager sai that customers have been camping out since last night for this morning’s opening at 6 A.M. to buy beer and wine.

Oklahoma voters approved the change in the liquor laws in 2016. Before then, only 3.2 beer could be sold cold in the state, and the stronger beer was only available in liquor stores.

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