The Future of Switzer Wine and Spirits

Historic liquor store, Switzer Wine and Spirits on Lindsey Street is getting an upgrade. OU Nightly’s Baylee Bates gives us a look on what’s to come next for the corner of Lindsey and Lahoma.

A landmark staple on Lindsey Street shocked residents with its vacancy, but it won’t be empty for long. Switzer Wine and Spirits, a historic landmark on Norman’s busiest street for almost 60 years, closed down in May. But now, the owner has a new vision for the future of the property.

“We wanted a place where, you know, when you need a bottle of vodka that’s where you go and when you want to take your laptop and study in between classes and grab a wonderful cup of coffee or an amazing cup of tea, this is where you go.”

Anthony Compagni, the owner of the popular Switzer Wine and Spirits has had a forward vision for developments in Norman for years. Benvenutis, Volare- all well-known unique cuisines in Norman that Compagni is responsible for.

And now his next vision: Press and Plow. Compagni hopes that Press and Plow becomes a place that Norman has not seen before. A welcoming place where you can get liquor and grocery needs, all just a few blocks from campus.

“If they turn Switzer Liquor into both a liquor store and grocery store, it adds a whole new value to that prime real estate that they have on campus with people walking two and from class.” Says Jack Wheeler, OU Student and Lindsey Street resident.

Construction to tear down the current building is scheduled to begin in the coming weeks. Compagni says the Press and Plow on Lindsey will be open within the next year, but there is already a location open on Tecumseh.

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