OU Cross Residents Take The Next Step

Upset residents of OU’s Cross neighborhood are taking their voices one step higher.

After speaking to the Student Government Association and attempting to contact Cross management, troubled residents have created a petition, as what they believe, is the next step towards a resolution.

“We wanted to come forward very formal about it to make sure that we had our point come across perfectly clear and there was nothing misconstrued about it,” said Jared Gramza, Cross resident.

Concerns with the construction and the maintenance of Cross came to the surface shortly after students moved in. Now, a two-page petition has been gathering signatures for a few days

“We are just trying to advocate for ourselves because we feel like since we are so young, this is something that could quite possibly just be like pushed away, shoved under the rug… in two days, we got 91 total signatures. we are know that there are more people who would like to sign,” said Meredith Gregory, Cross resident.

This petition will be sent to the university, but as of right now it has already made its way into the hands of a representative from management company, Balfour Beatty. In addition to the grievances and demands listed in the petition, it also calls for a meeting between representatives of Balfour Beatty, OU and Cross residents.

“Because OU doesn’t explicitly have authority over cross, because they gave that to Balfour Beatty, we thought it was important to not only meet up with the school that we’re residing with but Balfour Beatty so both parties know the issues that we’ve been having and so both of them can do as much as they can in their power,” said Gramza.

The petition is pushing Balfour Beatty and OU to respond within a week. The residents say if their petition is ignored, more dramatic action will be taken.


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