New Rules Set For Student Campaigns

OU Student Congress voted on new rules that will affect how students are allowed to campaign from here on out.

Election season for OU students is coming up soon, and this year, a number of complaints forced a vote which deemed new regulations on where a candidate is allowed to place campaign ads around campus.

Candidates will no longer be able to set up stations in walking and biking lanes that block traffic. Students will also not be able to place advertisements on bicycles, parked vehicles or more commonly under windshield wipers.

However, some SGA board members are worried that the new regulations will lower the voter turnout.

“One of my biggest concerns is that we are not going to get as much of a voter turnout or a candidate turnout if are election rules were less strict,” said Richard Holt, Student Congress Secretary

After a considerable debate, the vote passed 19-13-1. Congress hopes the new bill prevents excess waste from gathering around campus around election time.


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