Hollywood Corners Battles with Local Residents Over Noise Complaints

Hollywood Corners, the live music venue owned by country music star Toby Keith, has received numerous noise complaints over the past year and a half from its angry neighbors.

The outdoor live music venue hosts performers six nights a week, leaving neighbors frustrated at the noise late at night. General Manager Rodney Carothers says the live music is the reason the restaurant and bar has been able to stay open.

“It wouldn’t pay its own bills just being a restaurant, and so when we put the bar and the live music in that brought the people out, and then being able to be a family friendly atmosphere that brings a whole separate crowd out and so it’s what keeps Hollywood Corners alive,” says Carothers.

The neighbors banded together trying to shut the historic venue down. Five neighbors specifically filed a restraining order hiring lawyer Jared Boyer to represent their case, saying the music was still too loud. The neighbors and lawyer didn’t respond to any OU Nightly requests for an interview.

“I was working with them in the beginning. I tried to tell them, hey I’m just I’ve gotta test everything and work it out, and I wanted everybody to be happy with it, and for some reason they just wouldn’t stop.” Hollywood Corners won the city’s approval.

An anonymous source says the noise level has gotten better but it still isn’t good enough.
The amount of complaints has improved and the restaurant is continuing to work on resolving the issue.

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