Is it time for OU students to say “bye bye birdie” or are the scooters here to stay?

Bird scooters have been flying around campus ever since they arrived in Norman, but they are not going to fly with the city.

The main concern is whether or not the scooters are properly license. Since their arrival, the city of Norman has been in contact with Bird to better understand the business. They want to make sure riders are safe.

OU Nightly’s Abby Green spoke with City Development Coordinator, Terry Floyd.

“The OU campus is not officially city right of way. Our enforcement ordinances under the revocable license don’t apply there and so that’s largely up to the university on how they want to approach the scooters.”

This means that the Bird scooters are technically still allowed on campus. However, it is up to the university for the final say.

Floyd told OU Nightly that the city plans to stay in contact with the company in regards to voluntary removal or they could face impoundment.

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