Local Red Cross Volunteers Set Out to Help Aid in Hurricane Florence

While many people on the East Coast are heading out of Hurricane Florence’s wrath, 19 Oklahomans with the Red Cross are packing up emergency response vehicles and heading right to it, including Red Cross Volunteer Deni Rader. “Well of course for myself the adrenaline is flowing. I’m ready to get out there and help” said Rader.

Expected to produce catastrophic flooding and winds, Florence, a Category 4 hurricane will soon hammer the East Coast. “Our mission is to supply not only service from Oklahoma, but to provide water and snacks as we get there and deploy supplies to the community” said Rader.

However, this isn’t the first hurricane these Red Cross volunteers have helped with. “I was in the eye of Hurricane Harvey in Houston last year. That was quite an experience and I was also in Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria that was quite devastating” said Rader.

Jackie Meekx, a former National Guard member, helped with Hurricane Katrina in 2004, but this is his first time working as part of the American Red Cross. “I got somebody experienced with me, and I think we can handle the job” said Meekx.

The two volunteers and emergency vehicle have over 1900 miles to go before reaching Richmond Virginia, where they will join more than 775 Red Cross volunteers from across the country. All of them are preparing to help with Hurricane Florence’s large relief effort.


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