OU Decides Whether or Not to Allow Marijuana on Campus

Marijuana has made its way into Oklahoma, but it’s having a harder time making it onto college campuses.

Over the summer, State Question 788 was approved, making the licensed use, sale, and growth of medical marijuana and CBD legal in the state. Just last week applications for a license opened up and more than 1,363 patients, 288 dispensaries and 380 growers have applied.

While many believe this is a step forward for Oklahoma, schools across the state are being forced to make a decision. Do they or do they not allow medical marijuana to be used on campus?

Some schools have already made their decision, including OU, OSU and UCO. All three schools have denied allowing the use of marijuana on campus. Officials from the University of Oklahoma say that the federal drug-free schools and communities act prohibits the use of illegal drugs on campus or at university sponsored events. While medical cannabis is now legal in Oklahoma law, it is still illegal under federal law.

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