New Liquor Laws in Oklahoma

Alcohol consumers will start seeing several changes here in Oklahoma.
Liquor, grocery, and convenience stores are changing up the rules after the new law goes into effect October first.

Grocery stores and gas stations still won’t provide liquor… However they will be able to sell chilled beer stronger than three point two percent alcohol by volume.
Liquor stores can sell chilled beer as well. Along with sodas, limes and more. As long as those sales don’t exceed 20 percent of monthly sales. This change still worries some liquor store owners and employees.
Liquor thunder clerk Cody Hawkins talks about his concerns with the new law.

“Competition between our distributors so it’s lowered selection, the prices have gone up. I think that’s really gonna affect our business more than Walmart having strong Bud Light.”

Liquor stores will continue to be the only place to sell liquor.

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