What We Know About Michael Vance: Updates

Gloria Noble | Senior Web Editor

Kris Hubbard | Reporter

As of 3:00 P.M. on Tuesday afternoon, we have more information pertaining to the last hours of the Vance manhunt in Oklahoma.

The suspect was apprehended after shots were exchanged on a county road. Five troopers engaged Vance on the county road; one game warden attempted to engage Vance, but as interpreted from dash cam footage, he was unable to due to an apparent weapon malfunction.

Troopers set up a road block just minutes before Vance came down the road, according to Chief Rick Adams. Before approaching the road block, Vance was exchanging shots with one trooper through his windshield, confirmed by Troop Z Commander Brent Sagg.

When the trooper began shooting through his windshield, it was not confirmed whether Vance was exchanging shots at beginning of the altercation. It was confirmed by Sagg that Vance began exchanging shots with the trooper while driving down the county road, but no shots hit the officer.

Three troopers awaited Vance at the roadblock, and engaged the suspect when he approached it.

It is unknown if Vance remained a threat when he was lying on the ground, Troop Z Commander Brent Sagg said. Sagg said troopers are trained to continue firing until the suspect is no longer considered a threat. The troop commander said it is not known at this time, because the 5 troopers who engaged Vance have not been interviewed and are on administrative leave.

Vance has been on the run since October 23, after stabbing and killing two of his relatives, and shooting two police officers. After Vance wounded two police officers, the suspect turned to Facebook Live to discuss his crimes and alluded to more violence to come.

Vance was struck twice in the first encounter with Wellston Police on October 23.

Throughout the next week, Vance continued to allude police officers. Officers joined in from around the state, and the FBI became involved. An FBI agent at the press conference this afternoon in OKC said the decision to become involved was easy, as the main goal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was to protect the citizens of Oklahoma.

The pink t-shirt that Vance wore in the first Facebook live posting was found in his home.

While in the home, officers found two shell casings that match an AK-47. This is the weapon Vance was firing while engaging police officers on Sunday night.

The case is still under investigation, more information will be added as we have it.

The police dash cameras will be on the website shortly.

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