Updated: List of Locations with too much Ethanol in Gasoline

By News Desk | Tuesday P.M.
Updated list of Megellan fuel recall affected retailers:
·         Broadway DX, Moore OK (owner Rodney David at 405-794-3101 or 405-799-0379)
·         State of OK, Dept of Tourism – Indian Point Barn and Clear Bay Barn, 13101 Alameda Drive, Norman, OK
·         Cleveland County District #2, Almeda Street, Norman, OK
·         Norman Public Schools, 425 12th NE, Norman , OK
·         Calypso Cove Marina, 100 Calypso Cove, Norman, OK
·         Quality Fuel #3, 601 NW 5th St, Moore, OK
·         Top Stop, 109 19th, Moore, OK
·         J&J Masters Oil, 2132-A W Maint St, Norman, OK 73069
·         2132-A West Main, Norman, OK
·         2132-A West Main, Norman, OK
·         7-11 Store, 642 NW 12th, Moore, OK
·         7-11 Store, 1333 E Lindsey, Norman, OK
·         7-11 Store, 1100 SW. 19th, Moore, OK
·         7-11 Store, 1201 N.E. 12th, Norman, OK
·         7-11 Store, 1920 S. Eastern, Moore, OK
·         7-11 Store, 2556 Classen Blvd, Norman, OK
Officials said consumers who purchased fuel from Aug. 23 to Aug. 29 from one of the affected outlets to contact their mechanic or automobile dealer to resolve the issue, or to contact the retailer to pursue a potential claim.
Magellan has set up a hotline for consumers with concerns, which can be reached at 1-855-378-9466.
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