Sigma Alpha Epsilon national chapter releases findings from OU investigation of racist chant incident

By Rasheeda Kabba | Reporter

The national chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon released findings from its investigation into The University of Oklahoma incident last march.

In a statement, the organization said: “With regard to our investigation about the chant in the Oklahoma incident, Sigma Alpha Epsilon polled every collegiate member over the course of several months. We learned there were five chapters that acknowledged hearing the chant in the past five years. However, none of those members who responded said they heard it more recently than 2012, except for the incident at the University of Oklahoma. We provided additional education to those particular chapters on diversity and inclusion to make sure their culture has not deviated from our values and mission. In addition, we cannot confirm that Sigma Alpha Epsilon originated the chant. The fraternity headquarters continues to work with our Director of Diversity & Inclusion to ensure proactive education and awareness for our members.”

Stay with for further details.

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