ABC LiveStream: Sooners are ready for the Orange Bowl

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Students from the University of Oklahoma’s Gaylord College of Journalism were able to participate in a live stream produced by ABC News in New York City on Game Day.

The students, who covered the Orange Bowl for the college, were senior Stephen Cabler, senior Haley Hughey, senior Annie Durbon, senior Chris Tyndall and junior Gloria Noble.

Anchors back in NYC passed along questions to our live stream lead, Haley, and she spoke to the other students in order to answer the questions anchors asked throughout the stream.

As a participant, it was a great, energetic experience at the Orange Bowl. Fellow OU Nightly Sports teammates were excited, too, as we were surrounded by Clemson fans rooting for our team to win.

Omna, the lead anchor on the live stream, prompted us with questions about traditions for Game Day, why we believed our team could win the game and about our Miami experience.

The anchors even asked if there was a team member who could do the QB Baker Mayfield dance, and our own Stephen Cabler stepped up to give it a try.

Check out how it went:

And if you want to place the blame on Gloria, she did paint her nails in the press box before kickoff but has been advised to paint them sooner for the next matchup against Houston in August 2016.




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