Sooner Offense: Big 12 Champs, Bedlam Champs

Junior QB Baker Mayfield is in the running for the Heisman after his strong performances after the Sooners lost to Texas in early October.

If there is an award for the top offensive player in the country, you can bet Mayfield’s name is on that list.

Despite all of the talk, Mayfield knows being the QB at a school like Oklahoma will bring that kind of attention.

Junior QB Baker Mayfield remains in the Heisman spotlight in the Sooner post-regular season. The transfer, first-time Oklahoma starter knows being the quarterback for Sooners does not come without the press and attention.


The Oklahoma Sooners traveled to Stillwater last weekend in hopes to be Big 12 champs, and Bedlam champs after last season’s loss in OT.

In the second quarter, QB Baker Mayfield hands off to RB Joe Mixon, then if you keep watching the play you see Mayfield blocking an Oklahoma State defensive player to ensure his RB made it to the end zone.

In the next play, CB Jordan Thomas intercepts the ball for a touchdown. That was Thomas’ first interception of the game. The sophomore ended the rivalry game with two. Thomas made the score 34-10 and the Sooners were picking up some steam.

RB Samaje Perine in the next play breaks two tackles before making it to the end zone for another Sooner TD. Perine made the score 41-17.

The Sooners dominated the Bedlam matchup, 58-23.

The Sooners managed to stay number three after proving their worth against Oklahoma State this past weekend.

No. 1: Clemson (vs. North Carolina 12/5)
No. 2: Alabama (vs. No. 18 Florida 12/5)
No. 3 Oklahoma (Bye Weekend)
No. 4 Iowa (vs. No. 5 Michigan State 12/5)

The committee will announce bowl games after the remaining conference championship games are played.

The Sooners are projected to either remain in the third spot and meet Alabama in Dallas or drop to the fourth spot and matchup against Clemson for possible redemption in Miami.

Senior center Ty Darlington and senior wide receiver Sterling Shepard discuss the Sooners’ past opponents and Oklahoma’s praise for its performance.

Shepard said the Sooners need to keep doing what they are doing.

The Sooners await the College Football Playoff Committee’s final ranking to know whether Oklahoma will remain top four, to battle it out against Alabama or Clemson in the semi-finals on January 1, 2016.

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