Sooner Sports Pad

Sooner Sports Pad: October 19

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The trio is back this week with return guests QB Baker Mayfield and his roommate fullback Jaxon Uhles. Analysts Haley Hughey and Mason Prince talk through the dominating win in Manhattan against Kansas State, and the possibility that Stoops’ no-visor look could be a good luck charm.

Host Ashley Davis works Haley and Mason through some tough questions about the opponents left on the schedule. The three Big 12 ranked teams are ranked ahead of OU, but are also the last three games for the Sooners. Who is going to be the hardest opponent? Haley and Mason work us through those questions, too.

Join Sooner Sports Pad next Monday at 7:30 p.m. If you miss the OU sports talk, you can catch the show as soon as Tuesday, on the OU Nightly website or on YouTube.

The Sooners face Texas Tech in Norman this weekend. Kickoff is at 2:30 p.m. The Sooners defeated the Red Raiders in Lubbock last season, 42-30. It will be QB Baker Mayfield’s first encounter on the field with his old team. While the Raiders have had a strong season, the Sooners showed promise after last weekend’s shutout domination over the Wildcats in Manhattan, the Sooners finished 55-0 after coming off a loss against Texas in Dallas on October 10.

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