The Sooner Offense is looking forward after time in Dallas

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QB Baker Mayfield was forced to run for his life once against last Saturday because of OU’s weak offensive line, which led to Texas’ six sacks. It can be questioned that Mayfield could have left the pocket too quick during some plays. The Sooners were just not able to use one of their key strengths, running the ball. Offensive Coordinator Lincoln Riley has ideas on what he wants to improve for the Sooners.

Lincoln Riley is looking ahead after the Sooners were disappointed in Dallas this past weekend. The Sooners were picked as the favorite, after good showings against seemingly strong teams. QB Baker Mayfield struggled against Texas, while it is unsure his time in the pocket is to blame the Sooners travel to Manhattan this weekend.

OC Lincoln Riley believes there are good guys in the front as well as other positions, the offensive coordinator thinks there are good things that have happened for this team during the season. Riley said the team has a long way to go, as well as a lot of room to improve. The guys, according to Riley, are confident about the team they can be once the team is able to clean up their mistakes.

Oklahoma will travel to Manhattan this Friday as the Sooners are taking on the Wildcats Saturday afternoon for a 2:30 p.m. kickoff. The Wildcats came to Norman last year and slid past with a win, 31-30.

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