OU fraternity member arrested for sexual battery

Aimee Schnebeck | Senior Producer
Erick Payne | Senior Producer

Oklahoma City Police arrested former Phi Delta Theta President Luke Kiron for sexual battery during a fraternity party Saturday night at the Diamond Ballroom.


The victim was watching a band perform when she felt Kiron reach around her and up her skirt and begin inappropriately touching her over her tights.

A witness stated in an Oklahoma City Police report that she saw Kiron and the victim. Both the witness and the victim stated the suspect was not pushed. The victim does want to press charges.

Full crime report: Kiron Crime Report-1 Kiron Crime Report-2

Correction: This article originally disclosed clothing the victim was wearing the night of the assault. This article has been changed to remove those details.

Update: 9/1/2015, 3:30pm: Current Phi Delta Theta president releases statement on ex-member arrest:

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  1. Is there some reason it is important what she was wearing? NO! Assault and battery is assault and battery. By mentioning her clothes, you imply it was somehow her fault that he is a creep. And male rape victims are never questioned about what they were wearing, so that makes it not only unnecessary, but sexist.


  2. WHY do you feel the need to mention what a survivor of sexual assault was wearing? You are perpetuating the problem and complicit in the culture of RAPE. Please edit this piece to reflect the real problem. Since you probably need that spelled out, the problem is Luke NOT the survivor’s choice in clothing.


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