Big 12 Media Days – Texas

Entering his second season as the head coach at the University of Texas, Charlie Strong faced questions about who will be the starting quarterback when the season starts and his strict views on giving players second chances.

“I always say this. A lot is made about the quarterback position, and it should be. When it plays well, it gets a lot of praise. When it plays bad, it gets a lot of criticism,” said Strong.

“You talk about what you see out of Swoopes and what you see out of Heard, both those guys are very competitive, but everyone else around them needs to play well also,” Strong added.

“So much was made last season about the suspensions. I want you to understand this – my goal is never, ever to kick a young man out of the program. I want them to have every opportunity to be successful, but decisions are made, and sometimes guys feel like they want to do things their way. When that happens, then we have to make a decision on our end,” said Strong.

“If you are a student-athlete and you have a chance to go to University of Texas, go to Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Baylor, TCU, wherever you go, and then for some reason you did something that they had to dismiss you from that program, I don’t think that you should be given another opportunity to go to another major school and just start all over like your slate is clean,” Strong added.

Voiceover by Clarke Sachs
Produced by Zach Sepanik

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