Big 12 Media Days – Oklahoma State

After a disappointing 7-6 season last year, Mike Gundy talked about the improvements the Cowboys have made and will continue to make in preparation for September. Gundy also spoke about the transition into a new season for the more experienced sophomore quarterback, Mason Rudolph.

“I like where he’s at at this time. And if he continues to work, be a student of the game, distribute the ball the way he needs to, the way we ask him to, depending on what style of defense we’re going against that week, toughness and leadership are very important, in our opinion, at the quarterback spot,” said Gundy.

“He’s the leader on our offense. He’s worked hard this summer. He’s shown signs of toughness. And he has to continue to push forward,” Gundy added.

“Things have been really good for us over the last six or seven months, and we’re very proud to be where we are, and we’ve made some great strides. So, we’re excited about the future, and we’re all pulling together again,” said Gundy.

Voiceover by Clarke Sachs
Produced by Zach Sepanik

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