Big 12 Media Days – Supervisor of Officials

Big 12 Supervisor of Officials, Walt Anderson, began the second Big 12 media day this morning with a few changes in officiating this year. Anderson said that this was the lightest year so far in regards to major changes, but he did touch on hot topics like targeting.

“You may have seen a lot of the face masks that are really getting
to be more like the cage fighting arenas. Those oversized face masks have been eliminated, not a big deal,” said Anderson.

“The number of officials has now been formally expanded to eight for all conferences.  One thing that you will see this year, all ten of the FBS conferences will all work all of their games with eight officials,” Anderson added.

“Targeting will continue to be a point of emphasis. The good news is it appears to be accomplishing exactly what it was intended to do, and that’s changing the behavior of players, getting players adjusting to the rule, changing their technique, getting their heads to the side to where they’re not using that as a weapon,” said Anderson.

Voiceover by Blakely Durham
Produced by Zach Sepanik

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