Big 12 Media Days – National College Football Foundation

Before the coaches addressed the media today, National College Football Foundation President and CEO, Steve Hatchell, discussed advancements across the college football landscape and talked this year’s prestigious Hall of Fame class.

“The entire college community continues to make enormous strides protecting the future of our sport and making it safer than it has ever been,” said Hatchell.

“There are 38 colleges and universities that have been added to the ranks of those sponsors college football since 2010, and there are another ten programs that are slated to begin over the next few years.  So when we talk about football, it’s a growth sport at the college level,” Hatchell added.

“At our dinner on December the 8th, we’ll formally induct the 2015 College Football Hall of Fame class, which this year includes Big 12 Legends Brian Bosworth of Oklahoma, Zach Thomas from Texas Tech, Ricky Williams from Texas, and Kansas State Coach Bill Snyder,” said Hatchell.

Voiceover by Mason Prince
Produced by Zach Sepanik

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