Big 12 Media Days – CFB Playoff

After its huge success last year, the College Football Playoff enters year number two. The Executive Director of the College Football Playoff, Bill Hancock, took questions from media regarding rankings, the committee, and the Big 12 snub.

“Philosophy. Best four teams. Not best four conference champions. Not automatic qualifiers. This is a pure bracket. Best four teams. Like the brackets we all made up when we were kids ‑‑ one plays four, two plays three,” said Hancock.

We want the fans to get an insight into the committee’s operations and what they’re thinking and their processes, and what better way than to announce the rankings every week? Secondly, if we didn’t do rankings, some other rankings would be perceived as the real rankings,” Hancock added.

“There’s no question that Ohio State benefitted from getting a chance to play another game against a quality opponent.  It enhanced their resume. However, you have to remember the risk of conference championship games, and we’ve talked about this, a lot of us have, if two of those games had come out differently, the Big 12 could have had two teams in the playoff and they would have looked like a roomful of geniuses at this point,” said Hancock.

Voiceover by Mason Prince
Produced by Zach Sepanik

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