Big 12 Media Days – Kansas State

KSU head coach Bill Snyder took the podium today and provided some politically correct answers, but was also very insightful about his beliefs for the conference and the direction of his team.

“I have always favored the way it was at one time. I favor a 12‑team conference, I favor two divisions, and I favor a championship game,” said Snyder.

“The important thing is will you work hard enough, will you make it important enough to you to earn it in the light that is expected of you, which is to be a great teammate and make it about the team and not about yourself,” Snyder added.

“If you followed our program, you’ve seen us play two quarterbacks on the field at the same time. So we have a lot of things that we can do in that respect. But at the end of the day, the bottom line is I concur with what most people would say, you’re better served to have one,” said Snyder.

Voiceover by Blakely Durham
Produced by Zach Sepanik

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