Miss Oklahoma Wins Miss USA Contest

Erick Payne | Senior Producer

Olivia Jordan of Oklahoma was crowned Miss USA on Sunday, beating out 50 other contestants to win the 64th annual contest.


Jordan will go on to compete for the title of Miss Universe.

Jordan, of Tulsa, is a group fitness intstructor and personal trainer. She attended Boston University, earning a B.S. in Health Science. She also volunteers for the Alzheimer’s Association and works to raise awareness for child sex trafficking.

For the final question, contestants were asked who should be on the $10 bill if it is to be changed to a woman’s picture. Answers were given such as “Oprah”, and “let’s wait and see who wins the presidential election.”

Jordan stated that “Harriet Tubman would show how far we’ve come and how far we have to go.”

The 26-year-old winner was followed by first runner-up Yliana Guerra, 22, of Texas, and second runner-up Anea Garcia, 20, of Rhode Island.

The final five women hailed from Oklahoma, Texas, Rhode Island, Maryland and Nevada.

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