Former OU freshman says he welcomes death penalty 100 percent

Erick Payne | Senior Producer

Former OU freshman and triple-murder defendant Alan Hruby told The Oklahoman in a letter he welcomes the death penalty “100 percent”.

Hruby, 20, is accused of fatally shooting his parents and younger sister inside their Duncan home in October. Prosecutors notified him last month they will seek the death penalty.


The Oklahoman wrote to Hruby on June 25 and received a one-page response letter dated June 29, according to the Oklahoman.

“Do you think you should die?” he was asked in the letter to him.

“I 100% welcome the death penelty!  What occured is so horrible it is deserved. It is so unspeakable,” he replied, misspelling “penalty” and “occurred”, according to the report.

Hruby also wrote his sorrow over their deaths is genuine and his shopping addiction was not to blame.

The Oklahoman asked, “Why did you do it in the first place?” according to the report.

“This didn’t happen because of shopping,” he replied. “My shopping wasn’t something I or my parents could not pay. They just thought my spending was out of control, and it was.”

“ … I didn’t feel like myself that day. This was not something that seemed like a concieveable option,” he wrote, misspelling “conceivable.”

“Why? I’m still trying to work it out. Trying to figure all of this out.”

Mitch Solomon, Hruby’s attorney, was upset that Hruby wrote the letter to The Oklahoman, according to the story.

“Obviously I can’t make a comment as a result of the gag order that is in effect,” he said in the article.

Prosecutors also declined to comment because of the gag order restricting comments about the case out of the courtroom.

Hruby is currently serving three years at Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester for stealing his grandmother’s credit card. He is awaiting trial for the triple-murder case.

Both letters are available in their entirety below:



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