OU professor found dead at home, students react

Erick Payne | Senior Producer 

Dr. Owen Kulemeka, a public relations assistant professor at OU, was found dead in his apartment early Tuesday morning.

“Friends and colleagues began to worry about him when he had not been seen for several days and had not posted or commented on Facebook as was his custom. When multiple calls went unanswered, Professor Jaime Loke and Gaylord Director of Finance Heather Todd went to check on him at his apartment where he was found the morning of June 30,” according to a statement from Gaylord College.

Officials are looking into the exact cause of his death, but they believe he died from complications of heat stroke over the weekend.

Dr. Kulemeka’s former students and colleagues are reacting on social media with their thoughts.

A Facebook page has now been created for people to share their memories of Owen: Remembering Owen

Dr. Kulemeka worked at OU since May 2011.

OU Nightly last spoke with Dr. Kulemeka earlier this year, as he was working to increase diversity within Gaylord College.

“We know this news is difficult for everyone but want you to know that there are counselors available through Goddard Health Services at 405-325-2911,” according to Gaylord College.

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