OU students react to SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling

Marriage is now a constitutional right for gay and lesbian couples across the nation. Reactions to the Supreme Court’s decision can be seen at the University of Oklahoma, as well as around the world.

“Marriage comes with a slew of rights and benefits, and denying an individual access to those rights was not just,” OU junior Derek Lehman said.

“I teared up this morning watching President Obama’s speech, mostly thinking about people who have been fighting for this for so long and imagining what they were feeling,” assistant professor Melanie Wildermann said. “This decision is fundamentally American—it’s about freedom and equality and personal liberty.”

Today’s five-to-four decision in favor of LGBTQ marriage equality from the Supreme Court now forces 14 states to end their bans on gay marriage and requires all states to recognize marriage licenses of all 50 states.

States opposing the decision have three weeks to ask the Supreme Court to reconsider their decision.

“Today, same-sex marriage died, but marriage equality was born,” OU Assistant Director for LGBTQ and Health Programs Kasey Catlett said. “SCOTUS’ ruling is an affirmation and a validation that love is love and it conquers all.”




Jacki Bradshaw

Kasey Phipps

Some were less excited about the new ruling, and offered their own opinions on the decision:


Story by: Bradon Long

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