Renovations and raises on Board of Regents Wednesday agenda

Mason Prince | Sports Anchor

It has been almost a year since the Board of Regents approved a $370 million renovation for Owen Field, along with raises for Bob Stoops and Lon Kruger.

The Board of Regents will meet on Wednesday to discuss more stadium renovations and coaches salaries, but this time it will be smaller scale renovations and assistant football and basketball coaches.

In March, the Board approved the first development phase for the South End Zone, which will add new seating in the corners of the stadium, new suites, boxes and clubs.

Two new fan plazas will also be added to the south side of the stadium, along with a new Sooner Vision video board and sound system. In all, the Board is expecting the south side supplement to cost the University around $160 million.

Stoops and Kruger are not on the agenda as of now, so both of the coaches will most likely work under their salaries from last season (Stoops will make $5.4 million while Kruger will earn $2.85 million).

As for their assistants, the Regents agenda says that some are up for an “annual review of compensation.” Basketball assistants Chris Crutchfield, Steve Henson and Lew Hill all show up on the agenda as well as football assistants Bill Bedenbaugh, Jay Boulware, Cale Gundy, Tim Kish and Jerry Schmidt.

You may notice Stoops’ new and hopefully improved assistants are not this agenda. Lincoln Riley, Kerry Cooks, Diron Reynolds and Dennis Simmons had their contracts approved by the Board in January and March.

The OU defense hopes to improve from last year and so does Defensive Coordinator Mike Stoops, who is set to make $850,000 this year. He is not on Wednesday’s agenda.

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